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Pine Hills Community Council Blog & News

The Orange County CARES Act Portal is re-opening for the FINAL time on October 24th at 8 AM. 

  • Funding for individuals and their families--aimed at helping single households in need of financial assistance--is being provided with federal dollars received from the CARES Act.
  • You will need a copy of your photo ID, Social Security Card, and any documentation that demonstrates your financial need in the midst of the global pandemic.  
  • You are eligible if...
    • You live in Orange County, FL.
    • You are renting or maintain your residence in the county.
    • You or another adult (18 and over) in your household have lost your job or had your hours reduced due to COVID-19.
    • You have NOT already received funds from this program in the past.
  • Applications are first come first serve. The portal closed within 45 minutes last week--be ready when it opens at 8 AM.
  • To learn more, visit their website:

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