Sandra Fatmi – Trustee

Sandra Fatmi – Trustee

Sandra Fatmi – Trustee


Sandra Fatmi

Sandra Fatmi is known by the communities she serves, as a Community Activist, Advocate, Leader and Ambassador with a passion for young people. She is selfless about helping to bring solutions to all problems presented to her, and has made it her life’s mission to leave the world better than she saw it. One of her favorite quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. states that “life’s most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others?”

Using a holistic approach, 5 years ago, she teamed up with a community oriented professional group of loyal, dedicated individuals, and formed the United Foundation of Central Florida, (UFCF) Inc. – a public 501 C3 nonprofit organization formed in 2014 to bridge the gaps in our family, educational, and mentoring needs in our community using a holistic approach.  The slogan for the Foundation is “Empowering Communities one Family at a Time. Although Sandra is the Founder and Visionary behind the Foundation she was recently promoted to Executive Director of the Foundation that currently runs 7 programs with their most popular program being The Future Leaders United (affectionately known as FLU) After School Enrichment and Mentoring Program. The Program originally started at Evans High School 3 ½ years ago with 7 students and grew to over 40 students today. Sandra is most excited that the Program most recently expanded to both Meadowbrook and Robinswood Middle Schools in Pine Hills. FLU has been successful to date in positively mentoring over 250 young people and helping 55 underserved young people from Evans High School graduate High School, with 50 attending College, 3 enrolled in the Military and 2 currently employed. Under her leadership and with the dedication of her board of directors and community partners, United Foundation of Central Florida has awarded over $50,000.00 dollars in scholarships to our young people in the FLU Program. Sandra has changed her career path to allow her the flexibility to volunteer, and give back to her community, and is simply determined to leave the world better than she saw it.

Sandra is the immediate past President of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, one of the most diversified chambers in Florida.  As a Community Advocate for our communities, with a passion for Pine Hills, it’s no surprise that for the past 3 years Sandra has been the President of the Pine Hills Community Council, the Advocacy Civic group for the 72,000 residents of Pine Hills.

Sandra has always stood firm in her roots, and represents her Jamaican community well, so being named the Secretariat to the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board Member for the 13 Southern USA States Wayne Golding, Sr., Esq. for the past few years completes the circle of her give back and heart for her community globally.

Prior to becoming a multifaceted Entrepreneur in 2010, Sandra served in Branch Management, and has over 17 years banking experience. As a Bank Manager, she was responsible for the strategic growth and development of over $93 million dollars, and made a difference by aligning the company’s business needs with the needs of the community to produce growth, jobs and economic stability.

Sandra has over 25 years’ experience in finance, marketing, human resource, and business development with a particular expertise in management. She is goal oriented and an effective team player, who achieves success by motivating others to excellence despite obstacles.

To date, over the past 4 years Sandra has received over 30 Awards for community service and giveback in her community, and holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from York College in New York, and is a native of Kingston, Jamaica.