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Beverly Sukie-Martin – Recording Secretary

Beverly Sukie-Martin – Recording Secretary

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Beverly Sukie-Martin

Beverly Martin got her start in public speaking when she became an Independent Sales Consultant and then Independent Sales Director. During that time, Beverly managed sales consultants, held weekly meetings where she taught skin care classes and recruited consultants.

Beverly’s life started when she was born prematurely at 28 weeks in rural Jamaica with no hospital and no obstetrician.  She was a fighter then as she had no complications. This fighting spirit has remained with Beverly over the years, and she goes full force in all her endeavors.

At a very young age, Beverly moved to England. She graduated from Woodway Park High School in 1976 before heading back to Jamaica where she attended Fitz-Henley’s Secretarial College.  She graduated top of her class, and was chosen before graduation by The Jamaican Institute of Management to work for them as a Junior Secretary.  Beverly currently works with an auto finance company.

A multi-talented person, she writes poetry; inspirational writings; sings; and enjoys helping in her community and in particular the abused and disenfranchised. The skills that Beverly honed over her lifetime will be invaluable to her as the host of the Talk It Up Radio Show on WOKB 1680 AM in Orlando, Florida.