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Student Civic Engagement Award

Pine Hills Community Council Student Civic Engagement Award (SCEA) Program

Every day, Pine Hills Community Council (PHCC) and community partners work to advance civic engagement within the greater Pine Hills and Orange County through education, engagement and empowerment.

Each school semester an outstanding freshman, sophomore, junior and senior from a public or private high school within Orange County will be awarded the Pine Hills Community Council Student Civic Engagement Award.  Students are recommended for their leadership and service to the greater Pine Hills community and support of community service issues that impact students and surrounding neighborhoods.

The award recipients will be recognized at the quarterly PHCC community meeting and presented with the Pine Hills Community Council Student Civic Engagement Award and a gift card.

Program Goals

The Pine Hills Community Council SECA program is designed not only to encourage the civic service engagement of students on campus and in the community.  This is accomplished in two ways:

  1. Campus Commitment: encourage the school community, students, faculty, and staff to promote a culture of service where students are active volunteers and engaged citizens.
  2. Community Engagement: support and work with communities and neighborhoods in the greater Pine Hills area to promote equity and inclusion through meaningful service and civic involvement.

Award Requirements

  1. At least 2.5 semester GPA (must provide copy of unofficial transcript)
  2. Must have a minimum of 15 civic engagement or volunteer hours logged in with school by deadline.
  3. Completed application and submitted before the deadline.

Application deadlines:
October 1, 2022, end of 1st grading period.
December 9, 2022, end of 2nd grading period.
March 1, 2023, end of 3rd grading period.
May 12, 2023, end of 4th grading period.

For questions about PHCC Student Civic Engagement Award, please contact: Sandra Fatmi-Hall at phone number 770-789-7004 or Pine Hills Community Council office at 407-325-8225.