The Membership/Outreach Committee supports membership growth by actively recruiting, retaining, and engaging members. Members of the committee identify potential new members, contact lapsed members, and engage current members. Provide input and feedback regarding membership needs, programs and policies.

Communications / Marketing
Inform our membership and community about Council work and events via newspapers, magazines, e-mail, Facebook, blog, Twitter and social networks including our website,    Work toward digitalizing all aspects of Pine Hills Community Council communication.

Beautification / Anti-Liter / Code Enforcement

The mission of the Beautification Committee is to assist the Council Board and engage with community volunteers to encourage and promote participation in activities focused on enhancing the beauty of the Pine Hills Community.

Economic Development / Governance.  Public policy or advocacy committee members pay attention to local news and local real estate developments that may involve preservation challenges. With any committee focused on advocacy issues, committee members work with staff to establish preliminary positions and strategies.  Advance potential advocacy actions to the full board for consideration.


Enhance the educational experience by linking academics, business and community to promote real world learning, support partnerships, and encourage and celebrate educational excellence in our schools.   This committee conducts monthly meetings, and hosts a variety of events that support its mission.

Special-Events Fundraisin
Help plan and carry out an event; may work with the Finance Committee or other committees involved in fundraising.