The Pine Hills Community Council is always facilitating opportunity for businesses and the 70,000 residents and members by fighting for pro-business, civic and community initiatives.

Civic Actions

 Advocate for Pine Hills Recreational Trail & Pedestrian Multi-use Overpass
 Orange County Charter / Re-districting and Advisory Boards
 Recognition Awards / Grants
 Sidewalk, Paving & Infrastructure Development
 Town Hall Meetings & Community Conferences
Advocate for Local Schools
 Community Integrity, Consistency in Zoning and Land Use Designations
 Community Business & Economic Redevelopment
 “Shop Pine Hills” Merchant Card Program
 Accuracy in Media Reporting. Pine Hills Community Council holds the  media outlets accountable  for accurate information when reporting the facts about Pine Hills activities, especially related to public safety, and monitors all news for accuracy. 

Community Initiatives:

Silver Star Orange Scape Beautification Funding -$250,000 YMCA Swimming & Youth Grants

Silver Star Road Street Lights

 Creation and Original Grant Funding of the Pine Hills Safe Neighborhoods Partnership- $180,000.   

 ReNew Beautification & Renovation Grants including the Breezewood Wall Restoration Pine Hills Community Council supports 2014 Pine Hills Town Center Master Plan

Florida State Legislative Appropriation – Removal of Abandoned 5-story Sunland Hospital and Converting to Park -$2,000,000. The Orlando Sunland Hospital  was a residential facility which cared for profoundly mentally and physically disabled adults and children.   The state of Florida closed all Sunland facilities in 1983.   The building lay vacant for years afterwards, becoming a hazard to the community, attracting kids and transients.  After a teen was critically injured falling down an abandoned elevator shaft within the fenced-off , four-story building  the Pine Hills Community Council  lobbied hard to have the building leveled by the state.   $2 million was set aside by the state and demolition was approved.

Orange County celebrates opening of’Pine Hills Cultural Center’

“Spruce Up Pine Hills”/ Anti-Litter Campaign

The Pine Hills Community Council originated the “Spruce Up Pine Hills” campaign providing residents with informational magnets and using the logo on local bus benches.  The Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District (Pine Hills NID) then launched a campaign to spruce up the Pine Hills business corridor. As a redevelopment office, the Pine Hills NID recognizes that revitalization of any area must foster  a comprehensive strategy to eliminate  litter, improve the cleanliness and beautification of Pine Hills, and to eradicate  graffiti. 

Nearly 50 volunteers from surrounding neighborhoods, youth from Evans High School, and seniors within the community came together to paint a youthful mural of fun and joy on the United Cerebral Palsy (UCP) wall.  Ethan Long, award-winning author and illustrator of children books donated the sketch and was present during the painting.

Council  members and area residents take part in  the opening of the Pine Hills Trail

Pine Hills Community Council encouraged Orange County to run a north-south pedestrian / bike trail under the power corridor that runs the length of Pine Hills.  After 10 years, the south leg with a branch to Barnett Park was designed, built and completed for public use.

The Pine Hills Trail is being developed in three phases: the first phase begins at Alhambra Drive and extends north to Silver Star Road, including a spur trail that connects with Barnett Park. Phase 1 opened on October 18, 2017.  The second phase will begin at Silver Star Road and extend north to the Clarcona-Ocoee Road; and phase three will begin at Clarcona-Ocoee Road and extend north to the Seminole-Wekiva Trail at the Orange-Seminole.

Pine Hills Bus Transit Center Community Design Workshop

The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) is undertaking the design and construction of a new transit center in  Pine Hills, located near the intersection of Belco Drive and Silver Star Road in Orange County. The Pine Hills Transit Center is a new prototype that is distinctly different from current Lynx open-air style facilities and offers numerous benefits to commuters and the surrounding community. Fulfilling  LYNX FORWARD goals, the Pine Hills Transit Center will promote economic competitiveness, sustainability and quality of life in the area while simultaneously advancing a dynamic transit system and delivering a seamless network of services by enhancing customer experiences.

The students of Future Leaders United along with Pine Hills Community Council are actively working alongside Lynx to ensure that their community has an input on this Transit Center that will soon be coming.