The Pine Hills Community Council is always facilitating opportunity for businesses and the 70,000 residents and members by fighting for pro-business initiatives.

 Silver Star Orange Scape Beautification Funding -$250,000

 YMCA Swimming & Youth Grants
Silver Star Road Street Lights

 Creation and Original Grant Funding of the Pine Hills Safe Neighborhoods Partnership- $180,000.   

 ReNew Beautification & Renovation Grants including the Breezewood Wall Restoration
Florida State Legislative Appropriation – Removal of Abandoned 5-story Sunland Hospital and Converting to Park -$2,000,000 – The Orlando Sunland Hospital was a residential facility which cared for profoundly mentally and physically disabled adults and children.   The state of Florida closed all Sunland facilities in 1983.   The building lay vacant for years afterwards, becoming a hazard to the community, attracting kids and transients.  After a teen was critically injured falling down an abandoned elevator shaft within the fenced-off , four-story building  the Pine Hills Community Council  lobbied hard to have the building leveled by the state.   $2 million was set aside by the state and demolition was approved.

Pine Hills Community Council supports 2014 Pine Hills Town Center Master Plan

Organization & Funding of Pine Hills Strategic Planning Process-2004 & 2010 

 In 2004, the Pine Hills Community Council, Inc.  received grant funding from Orange County to conduct the Pine Hills Land Analysis and Strategic Plan, which outlined a strategic vision.  In 2010 a Pine Hills task force of local stakeholders  convened to formulate a plan for revitalization and economic growth at the corner of Silver Star Road and Pine Hills Road, implementing a Town Center concept. Upon its release, Orange County established a Pine Hills Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) with staff oversight to to implement plans for growth and development.  The NID along with the Pine Hills Community Council and  he surrounding neighborhoods continue to focus on revitalization initiatives by holding community forums, establishing partnerships with private businesses, developers and public agencies. They  engage property owners and renters in protecting the area’s quality of life. As a result of business and community partnerships, including the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, there is now significant downward crime trends throughout the Pine Hills  area.