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Bylaws Amendments and Revision were approved by PHCC membership on February 2, 2021 at the PHCC community meeting.

Late last year (2020), PHCC’s Board of Directors reviewed the organization’s Bylaws and provide recommendations to ensure one of the organization’s governing documents reflected current and best practices (the Bylaws were last amended in October 2010).

Attached you will find revisions to PHCC’s Bylaws, which must be submitted to the organization’s membership in good standing for approval by majority vote.  Please refer to the attached Bylaws to view the full set of proposed changes (proposed changes are indicated in redline in the attached).

General Updates:

  • Amendments to the language of the Articles of Incorporation to reflect current practice.  (Article IV: Authority and Limitations, 7).
  • Amendment to the language of the Articles of Incorporation so the Board’s practice for reason to deny membership applicant for known felon is align with and as defined by Sec 4, Art. VI, FL Constitution and Sect. 98.0751, FL Statutes. (Article IV, Authority and Limitations, 9).
  • Amendment to the language of the Bylaws membership annual dues assessment language to reflect PHCC’s current practices and reflect those realities. (Article IV: Dues, A)

It is the Board’s opinion that the changes highlighted above in the attached document; reflect the current reality of day-to-day processes. Therefore, the Board requests that membership vote in favor of the revisions.