Safety is Priority!

Safety is Priority!

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A Visible Difference!

Ensuring functional, reliable lighting in the community.  

Concerned about the safety and environment along Silver Star Road, resident Mr. Smith partnered with the Council to work with Duke Energy to repair 20 non working street lights on the north side of Silver Star Road (Orange County District 2).   You can see from the before and after pictures below that Silver Star Road (north side) is now visibly safe for pedestrians and night driving.   

Since the start of the Council’s  Street Light Initiative in November 2019 to February 2020 , there have been over 50 street light outages repaired,  along North Pine Hills Road and Silver Star.    Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to see significant outcome.    These efforts can look like small improvements but over time these small changes have a big impact.

Safety is Priority!

We salute residents Garey Smith, President, Forrest Park Community and student Jailyn Norton for tagging the poles of non working street lights that did not have an identifying pole number.   Their  effort helped to ensure that Duke Energy would  service the correct street lights  along Silver Star Road (between Willow Bend and Powers Drive).   

This initiative focused on  this route because students walk to school during early morning while still dark in the winter months, and likewise, walk from after-school programs including sports, concerts and other events that occur after sundown.    Another point of focus were  the street light outages  near   LYNX ‘s  pickup/drop-off locations, which posed a potential safety risk to LYNX riders.