About Us

About Us

Pine Hills Community Council

In 1972, the Pine Hills Women’s Club, while trying to solve a problem with the Orange County Sewer System, came
across the idea of forming a Community Council.

Since 1972, the Council has brought together businesses, individuals and delegates from community organizations
to focus their combined efforts toward improving the life values in the Pine Hills community. After years of dedication from its members, the Council enjoys the support
of the community and the respect of our County, State and Federal Government.

Preserving a clean, safe & prosperous community.

We invest our efforts directly in our community and also promote its interests  at the county, state and national levels to assure the continued vitality of a unique,  family-friendly place to live and work. We are your neighbors. We are healthcare workers; law enforcement officers; trade persons; teachers and construction workers. We are government service personnel; taxi drivers; salespersons; counselors; ministers and theme park workers.

We are accountants; merchants; business owners; retirees and truckers. We are every imaginable occupation and of multiple origins—both native-born and immigrant. We are the most diverse community in Orange County, Florida. We are dedicated volunteers who take pride in our community and devote our spare time and talents to improving the quality of life for all Pine Hills residents!