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Charter Amendments Review

“Our Charter Amendment 4 failed to pass, but community efforts continue to work towards promoting Pine Hills and obtaining a closer, local voice for citizens to be heard.”

Charter Amendments 2012 Explained:

Orange County has a “home rule” or charter form of government. The Orange County Charter is a constitution that sets up our local government structure and function. The Charter Review Commission is an independent board of 15 of your fellow citizens who review the Charter to propose updates or improvements. Orange County voters must approve any changes to the Charter.  The 2012 Charter Review Commission has spent more than 18 months studying the current Charter, listening to public comment, and researching possible changes to improve county government.  Proposed amendments to the Charter will be placed on the ballot for your consideration on November 6, 2012. This will be the same day you will vote for President and other federal, state, and local offices. The first four proposals are from the Charter Review Commission. The fifth is from the Board of County Commissioners.  More details…



  • Amendment 1—YES: to give voters, and not the governor, the power to fill vacancies on the county commission
  • Amendment 2—YES: to require that the Charter Review Commission finish its work in time to avoid the kind of uncertainty that contributed to the recent sick time controversy
  • Amendment 3—YES: to give the County Commission the ability to set uniform gambling regulations throughout the county
  • Amendment 4—NO: to authorize creation of village advisory boards for unincorporated areas to weigh in on local problems and growth
  • SPECIAL REFERNDUM—YES: to require city and county approval of development that would impact overcrowded public schools

Orange County Amendment 1
Result Votes Percentage   Yes 216,598 55.70%  No 172,280  44.30%
Orange County Amendment 2
Result Votes Percentage   Yes 223,398 58.37%  No 159,349  41.63%
Orange County Amendment 3
Result Votes Percentage   Yes 198,395 51.20%  No 189,090  48.80%
Orange County Amendment 4
Result Votes Percentage   No 242,728  63.29%  Yes 140,785 36.71%


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