Pine Hills Community Council, Inc.

Pine Hills Community Council, Inc. [PHCC] was established in 1972 as a 501(c)4, non-profit volunteer advocacy and civic group to improve the quality of life of its citizens.  As a membership organization, the Council serves in a coordinating capacity among individuals, businesses, schools, churches, neighborhood associations, along with professional, service and social organizations, to actively advocate in behalf of local concerns and redevelopment.   Its mission can be summed up by the motto: Preserving a Clean, Safe & Prosperous Community.

The Council seeks to promote working partnerships between the community, law enforcement, governmental and service agencies to address local issues.  PHCC programs reach out to inform and educate Pine Hills citizens concerning issues of community importance so they are empowered as  citizens to initiate self-advocacy and local action.  Efforts are also broadly directed at the county, state and national levels to assure the continued vitality of a unique, family-friendly place to live and work.


Pine Hills proudly proclaims itself as a community of family-friendly neighborhoods and as the most diverse community in Orange County, with resident population groups from every major ethnic origin, of all ages and occupations.

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